Welcome to Our Juice Kick Start Program Trial  

Thank You for Your Interest in Our Juice Kick Start Program


We are looking for 20 committed and willing participants to trial our 3 Day Cold Pressed Juice Program and give us your genuine feedback and hopefully a glowing testimony if you get some great results.


Our Juice Kick Start Program is a Simple, Easy and Effective way to reset or kick start your daily Health and Wellbeing habits, whilst supporting and boosting your Energy, Vitality and Immunity, with optimal nutrition at the same time.

What Benefits Will I Receive?

The main benefits you should receive are;


1) Eating Cleaner. By consuming only 100% Cold Pressed Fruit and Vegetable Juice means you will be putting optimal (and rapidly absorbed) nutrition into your body,

2) You may lose some excess weight, body fat & unwanted toxins,

3) You will be giving your digestive system a rest for 3 days,

4) You will save time, money and effort on the laborious task of sourcing, preparing & making your food each day, because we’ve done all the hard work for you

5) Your blood sugar levels will be more balanced, meaning less cravings and better moods

6) You may notice you have more energy and feel a lot better mentally, emotionally and physically

7) Plus....because this is a trial... we want to see what other benefits you may receive, so like you we are open to the amazing possibilities that will present themselves for you throughout your 3 day program.

Special Bonus;


If you live in the Manly area, we are also giving each person who registers for the Juice Kick Start Program a free 7 Day Pass to the Reset and Sweat Gym, 2/384 Pittwater Rd, North Manly.

How Does it Work?

Simple - you will drink 6 x 300 mls of Nectar Cold Pressed per day - Australia's Favourite Cold Pressed Juice for 3 consecutive days.

We Request That You DO NOT;


1) Eat anything else during the 3 days.

Note: Our plan is to reintroduce food from day 4 onwards (but that will not be part of this trial)

2) Consume Coffee, Tea or other stimulants during the 3 days.

You may consume extra water (preferably purified) if required throughout the 3 days to assist in flushing out toxins and staying hydrate.

What Flavours of Cold Pressed Juice Will I Get and What are their Ingredients?

Green with Envy - Apple 53%, Celery 15%, Spinach 11%, Kale 8%, Lemon 6%, Cucumber 5%, Parsley 2%


Eagle Eye - Carrot 51%, Apple 26%, Orange 11%, Pineapple 7%, Lemon 4%, Turmeric 1% 


Up Beet  - Carrot 50%, Beetroot 19%, Apple 15%, Celery 12%, Lemon 2%, Ginger 2% 

How Much Juice Will I Get for the 3 Days? 

Depending on the pack you choose below, you will get either 5.4 litres or 6 litres. 

1) The Takeaway Pack - which includes 18 x 300 ml bottles (ideal if you need the convenience of having some of your juice on the go, outside of home etc throughout the 3 day program) or...

2) The Home Pack - which includes 4 x 1.5 litre bottles (ideal if you are able to have all of your juices at home throughout the 3 day program)


How Much Does it Cost? 

We plan to sell the 3 day program for approx $120 once the trial is complete 

But for all Juice Kick Start Program Triallists, we are offering the program for only $50 (including delivery)

Can I Do the Program with a Friend(s) or Family Member(s)

Absolutely. We highly recommend this as a great way to support each other throughout the Program. - Either send them this page link or simply add the required number of Programs you require at checkout and explain to your friend(s) what is required of them below.

What Do I (We) Have to Do to Participate?

To be eligible to receive the Juice Kick Start Program at this never to be repeated offer, you will be required to provide;


1) A 1-2 paragraph, written testimony (with a portrait photo) articulating your experience of the program,

2) A short 1-2 minute video testimony (shot in Landscape on your Camera) articulating your experience of the program,

3) Fill in a brief questionnaire providing your feedback abut the program and possible improvements, 

4) Complete the program and supply photo, testimonies & feedback by 12pm, Friday July 10, 2020. 

5) Allow Nectar Cold Pressed (& our partners) the ability to use your testimonies in any marketing we choose in relation to the Juice Kick Start Program.

Please note: By purchasing the Juice Kick Start Trial Program you are agreeing to participate in all 3 days of the Program and that you will provide all 5 of the requirements mentioned above.

What Additional Support Will I Receive?

We will be available via email, phone and private Facebook group to support you throughout your program and would also encourage you to suggest additional (future follow up) support you may feel would be beneficial to yourself and others participating in the Program in future - as we want to ensure that you are receiving the maximum information, education, support and benefits from the Program.

What if I Have Some More Questions Before I Commit to this Trial?

Please email all questions to jacinta@nectarcoldpressed.com.au and we will get back to you asap.

How Do I Pay?

Simply click on your choice of Juice Kick Start Pack below and fill in your information.

The Takeaway Pack - 18 x 300 Ml bottles

The Home Pack - 4 x 1.5 Litre bottles

Thank you for your support and we look forward to you joining us in the Juice Kick Start Program.

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